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Things I have tried

After searching the forum, I found an entry about Cmd+Enter no longer working and the answer was “read the release notes” which just say that command enter checkbox not working since v 1.0.0. It also says that Cmd+Enter is now used for something else. I looked under hotkeys and there is no “create checkbox” that I have found.

What I’m trying to do

I am looking for a way to get this functionality back. This is literally the only hotkey I ever use and I make checklists every day in my daily note. This is something that I have come to rely on and I am very frustrated. Is this something that is being worked, or did Obsidian just decide it wasn’t needed? In the meantime I made a textexpander shortcut for it but I have to use it on every item where before I selected the whole list so doing it that way doesn’t work that well for me. Any help would be appreciated. I did not realize that automatic updates were on, so that won’t happen again!

The release notes do have all the information. Instead of searching “create checkbox”, you could search “checkbox” and it will show both commands related to checkboxes. You can remap this back to Ctrl-Enter / Cmd-Enter if you want.

From the release notes:

Q. Why can’t I toggle checkboxes with CtrlEnter (or Enter on MacOS) anymore?

The default hotkey for “Toggle checkbox status” has been changed to CtrlL (or L on MacOS). CtrlEnter is now the default hotkey for opening links under the cursor in a new tab. You can change these hotkeys in settings.

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Thanks, but I don’t want to toggle the checkbox, I can do that with a mouse click. I want to create the checkbox. Not seeing a command for that functionality that we used to have. Would love to know if it exists anywhere or could be added.

Yeah, what I said. Try the command, and you’ll see it creates the checkbox, if it doesn’t exist. Same as previous versions.

OMG you are my hero!!! Never occurred to me that toggle checkbox would create it. (I never looked at the mapping for this one before, because right when I started using Obsidian I had already seen an article that mentioned using command enter to create a checkbox. It’s the little things that make life better. OK, remapping now…

no problem, but yeah that was just a hotkey for the same command. Even in previous versions you could remap that command to something else.

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