Shimmering Focus theme and Longform plugin

HI all,

I’ve been using the Shimmering Focus theme for a while now, and recently started using the Longform plugin.

The SF theme is supposed to provide a serif font and independent styling designed for writing manuscripts, for Longform notes (i.e., “scenes”) as well as notes with the “writing” css class in the YAML. However, the serif font and independent styling does not appear for my Longform notes. Also, I tried adding the “writing” css class to the YAML of a note, and that also had no effect.

Things I have tried

I tried both of these (Longform note and regular note with writing css class) in a fresh vault (Obsidian help vault) with SF and Longform as the only installed theme/plugin (and no additional CSS snippets), and the issue persisted there too.

I have noticed that, in the SF Style Settings specifically for Longform/writing, changing the font size does affect the font size for Longform notes, but changing the font itself does nothing. (I just want the default serif font “Crimson Pro S” to work, I only tried changing it as a test.)

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get the default serif font and background styling for Longform notes and notes with the writing css class to work as intended by the creator of the SF theme.

Hi, SF developer here.

It sounds a bit like some other css is interfering. Could you check whether it works when disabling all plugins and css snippets except style settings and longform plugin?

If that does not help, could you open a bug report at the GitHub repo? Reason being that the bug report forms asks for the various and information I need to look into it.

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Hey thanks for replying!

Yep, I did try that, and also tried a fresh vault with only those two installed. I also tried one of your suggestions from another thread, deleting the style settings data.

I’m not much of a coder and am unfamiliar with GitHub, but I’ll try to figure out how to open a bug report when I have a chance.

There’s actually a few other issues I’ve been having with SF. Would I make a separate bug report for each item below, or put them all into one?

  • the new Gamma colour scheme makes all backgrounds on popup windows (e.g., settings window) transparent (and unreadable, since the text is superimposed on text behind it)
  • the syntax for different colour highlighting doesn’t change the colour from yellow (e.g., **==highlighted==** results in italicized text highlighted in yellow)
  • the special annotation tags don’t work (e.g., #example shows up as a regular tag)

The SF theme is by far my favourite of all the plugins I’ve found. I’m a PhD student and it’s really a pleasure to work in Obsidian with your theme, so thank you. I hope to be able to use all the extras that I’m having trouble with soon!

Thanks to @pseudometa, I found out that the problem was my installer for obsidian being outdated.

Downloading the latest dmg and re-installing Obsidian fixed all my issues.

Thanks again!

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