Shift+CMD+Click behaving oddly with new backlinks pane

This could be a side-effect of the using new backlinks pane or just a personal preference, so let me know if so!

The default behavior of using CMD+Click in preview mode or CMD+Shift+Click in edit mode is the link being clicked opens up in a new pane split vertically.

This behavior is not replicated with the new backlinks pane open.

Example of current state in 0.7.3:

Kapture 2020-06-15 at 7.51.37

Expected Output

The behavior that I expect to happen when a new pane is opened is that it would follow the default pattern of opening vertically.

Bonus: The new pane also has its backlinks pane open :slight_smile:.

Also, notice when I clicked into the new pane, the backlink pane didn’t change.


I think when you open the backlinks pane from the more menu, it is linked to that note, that’s why it won’t shift when changing to the second note. Until this is fixed, I think unpinning at least makes the pane more usable.

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True that. Good call on unlinking!

This is not a but. But we may change the default opening mode for notes in the future.

Also, when you open a backlinks pane from a note pane, that backlink pane is linked to pane it was opened from. You can hover over the chain symbol to see everything that is linked.

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Figured it wasn’t a true ‘bug’, but rather a side-effect :slight_smile:.