Sharing tool that helps you migrate away from Imgur

I have been using the Imgur plugin to upload all my images to Imgur forever since I don’t want my vault to grow so big, but Imgur recently announced that they’ll be removing anonymously uploaded images, and there’s no guarantee they’ll not do that to images linking with an account in the future either.

Therefore, I made a simple tool to help me migrate away from Imgur. It will search for all my Imgur links in my vault, download them, and then replace the Imgur links.

I figure someone else may also need it, so here’s the link to the tool. The user manual is in the readme. (There’s a binary executable for Unix/Linux but you’ll have to run the python file directly for Windows.)

(I suggest you commit to git or create a backup vault before running it, as I only test it on my vault.)


Thank you. I’m also searching to solve this issue to replace imgur in my vault.

Btw, which plugin will u use to replace this imgur plugin to auto upload
image into cloud storage?

And which storage service will u use? I’m having this list to consider

Well for now I’ll just have my images stay in my local directory and git repo. There’s no guarantee that those third-party services will be alive forever, and when they’re dead, you’ll have to migrate all your images again, which can be complex.