Sharing plugins on GitHub

I’ve created a plugin, and it’s up on GitHub. That’s fine for people who are happy to have their own Node setup and run npm run dev, but it’s not enough for general users to download and make use of. I think I need to:

  • Add main.js to the repo, so that it is present. That shouldn’t be an issue, even if it is a bit funny.
  • Somehow add plugin dependencies - or are they handled automatically?

Are there instructions for ways to allow non-technical users to try out a plugin before it goes to the Community releases?

You need to make a release just like you would do for the community release. But instead of being available in obsidian directly, users would download the release and put it in a folder in their plugins folder.
npm run build should do the trick for making the release, you can upload it to github then. Automation via github actions is also an option.