SHARING of obsidian files only as . MD file?


If I want to share a file consisting of text and images via e-mail, for example, then the output consists of a .md file.

However, this does not contain the images, nor is the text formatted in such a way that it is easy for the recipient to read.

My question:

Is there really only this only sharing option?

For example, why can’t I convert the content to a PDF?

If this minimal solution really should be the standard, there is no plug-in that allows better results?

Thank you very much for your support.

You can export any page as a PDF already? I don’t embed images so not sure of these are output

Yes, a .md file is just plain text.

Exporting to PDF includes the image(s).

A quick look turned this up: GitHub - mvdkwast/obsidian-copy-as-html: Obsidian plugin: copy document as HTML, including images

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Hi Ariehen,

Thanks for the tip. I tried to implement it. Unfortunately, there is a bug indication that this plug-in does not work for the device I use. Can it really be the case that a plug-in does not work for all devices? There may be an alternative ? My iOS operating system is up to date ( 16.2 iPhone SE second edition)

Thanks for your response

Hi Ariehen,

I forgot to mention that the PlugIn works on the Mac.

I have the following additional question:

When a PlugIn is installed on one device, as in my example on the MAC, the PlugIn is not automatically transferred to the other i.OS devices ? Or do I always have to install PlugIn separately on each device ?

Thanks for your answer and a happy new year.

You need to install the plugins in every device you want to use them. At least that is my experience, so far.

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