Sharing my notes online similar to the Obsidian docs website

I believe this is what Publish is, but I would like some guidance, if possible.

I really like how looks like and I would love to have a separate vault (or folder inside my vault) where I will add certain notes that I will then have available online for other people to check as well. Since most of my notes at the moment inside Obsidian are just tips and tutorials, those would be valuable to others as well, and I would like to present them in an organized and pretty way, just like the Docs website is. Simple and effective.

I have a few questions:

  • If I use Publish, will that be like a default theme, the one used in
  • Also, it says that hosting is included, but I have my own hosting, which is “unlimited”. Can I use mine instead?
  • All the notes will still be stored on my computer and then I just need to upload them to the website, or will I always be working on the website itself (similar to Wordpress, for example, where everything is edited remotely)?
  • How does it work when it comes to images attachments? Will it automatically add them from my vault or do I need to upload them first and then use a link inside the note itself? If they use the vault, will it use the same attachments folder I use for my other notes and only updates the ones being used by the “website”?


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