Sharing a vault with non Obsidian users

What would be the best way to share a vault with other people that normally don’t use markup language (or HTML) … It seems to me that Obsidian is build to only be used by markdown users and provides no obvious way to make a vault fully accessible to other people.

I can’t find the most obvious solution to define a note as an index page and create a complete HTML page structure from the md files by simply pressing one button …

Since I’m completely new to Obsidian I might have missed something or did not fully understand the concept. Maybe someone can “enlighten” me a bit :slight_smile:

Thx for your help,

The easiest method is probably to use the publishing service (Obsidian Publish) as part of the paid subscription.

Other options are a bit more ‘hands-on’

Here’s a few I found doing a quick search for ‘publish alternatives’ here on the forums

Thx, Russ

I have a github template repo that takes care of this. It is automated with github actions. So all you need to do is to move the markdown notes you would like to share into this repo and push it to github.