Shared Vault forces teammates to use the same settings and theme?

What I’m trying to do

Me and my Teammates are using obsidian to share knowledebases of our company.
The vaults are shared via OneDrive which works great so far.

However, it seems, anytime one of us changes its theme or other essential settings, its being synced to every other teammate as well. I really don’t understand why one would want this, and why there are no local settings, as with any other software out there? Is this intentionally or a bug?

Are we forced to use the same settings?

Things I have tried

I looked in my windows %appdata% roaming/local folders for an obsidian directory with local setttings. There are obsidian-directories without any settings. It seems, settings MUST be in the vauld, dir - is that correct?

Does anyone know a workaround?

We could try to prevent the .obsidian-Folder in the vault from syncing, but new teammates would not be able to start it properly, without the files, I pressume.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

PS: The official documentation does not say anything about this topic.
PPS: Found threads with similar issues on this board, but it seems its to much to look through. At least after the 50th post I did not find any solutions. Any updates so far?

If you share the vault with yourself on another computer you would likely want to share config.

With Obsidian Sync, you can selectively select which settings to sync. Onedrive and the other third party sync solutions aren’t Obsidian-aware and they sync everything

Maybe using two different config directories could help in your case

Also, make sure you have a commercial license

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I disagree here, because If i had to share something like configuration, I had to sync this separately, e.g. via cloud, or at least, sync the settings via obsidian sync separateley from the content based vaults.

This appears - to me - as a design flaw. However, please note that I love obsidian and use it every day, it’s awesome!

I will consider your help links, thanks for that.

As I presume not being the only one criticising this concept, maybe you’d consider rethinking parts of the process, when to split content from settings. I see that the current approach can have advantages especially for single-use purposes on multiple mashines or if one uses different vaults for themselfes applying different themes for it.

Thank you so far,
have a good one!

This is what separate config folders are for (linked by Whitenoise above): Config folders - Obsidian Help. You don’t need to use Obsidian Sync to use them.


Three users, three devices, and three sets of settings using one vault with the same content.

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