Share your Minimal Theme screenshots/configuration

If you type two extra ` after the ones you already typed at start and end of your code then you get a beautiful code block :wink:

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Boom!! TY

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Hi! Would you be willing the show/explain how you achieved the heading being on the side of the text, rather than above it (so, basically, making a side heading)? Thanks in advance.

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This is the Sliding Panes plugin

I meant how @Joschua manages to get the verses to accompany the text itself.
Like so:

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@Joschua changed the CSS for H6 elements. Here’s his snippet:


@kepano , does the font-weight of preview mode somehow have a minimum value in place? I can’t seem to set it under 300, whilst it works in source mode for the same font.

No. I would guess that the font you’re using doesn’t have thinner variants.

I am using IBM Plex, and I have added every variant (it goes down to 100). I’ve been able to change the source-view font-weight, and when I try to change preview-view’s font-weight, only things like mermaid charts etc actually change into the smaller weight.

The font weight in Minimal is set by the variable --normal-weight which defaults to 400, see Github.

Here is a snippet you can use

:root { --normal-weight:300; } 
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Adding a checklist pane without any task/to-do plugin (a simple .md file and some css snippets):


I would be very interested in the snippets you have used as well as the font, if you’d please share.

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What line height and spacing do you use? When I’m using Quattro for preview, it looks quite different…

I use this in minimal theme settings:

I just added some adjusts via css snippets for headings not for main text.

Despite having installed Minimal theme almost two years ago, I keep growing in appreciation for it. I had some time this weekend to work on a series of modifications for a dark mode. I am using the Style Settings plugin, all colors, fonts and other configurations are commented at the beginning of the css file.

This configuration is for dark mode only purposes. If you are a light mode user, I do not recommend you this styling

minimal_darkmode.css (2.8 KB)


A couple weeks ago I launched Minimal 4.0 which was the biggest update to date which introduced custom icons and hundreds of small improvements. I would love to see how Minimal Theme users have it currently customized. Please share your screenshots! It helps me continue to improve the theme across use cases.




Can you share your CSS snippets? Love the look of this!

Oooo, so many snippets! I should probably integrate them all into one ‘theme’ (one day!). In the meantime I will put up the main few… I’ve blagged them from all over the community…
This is the main one 01a_Minimal_Jeff.css (19.7 KB)
This one is a cssclass for the headings at the bottom of the righthand panel. bklk Heading.css (1.7 KB)

This one tweaks Liam’s Calendar plugin. calendar stuff.css (1.7 KB)

This is also a cssclass snippet, for fancy blockquotes Stylish Blockquotes.css (2.9 KB)

This one jiggles with the #tags tagstuff2.css (2.0 KB)