Share to/from WhatsApp has a feature where you can send a message from WhatsApp/email/Telegram/Facebook messenger and automatically make a note. It accepts photos too.
Unfortunately, the data can’t be exported yet, so that site appears to have no use.

Still, there should be a way to set this up for Obsidian, possibly using existing tech of some sort. All we need is a bot that can read messages and save them locally into the vault.

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you are saying that has a dedicated WhatsApp phone number that you can write to?

Yes. I think they do

The main difference between and all the other Cloud based solution like, notion, … is that is offline by design.

This means that can be free because the cost of the server are lower.

We could not even create a free plugin for it because the API of WhatsApp are not free

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Just for anyone who found this, I use

and if you have the WhatsAPP app on your desktop as default link opener, it’ll open right at that contact. I haven’t figured out how to share info yet other than copy/paste, but I think it’s possible.

Going the other way isn’t possible without more hacky stuff afaik, such as (often dodgy but very widely used) 3rd party apps that link into
I made a greasemonkey script to put a shortcut to the client details from but that was before I was able to use the other shortcut

It’s messy, but it’s what most of the world are forced into, which is why there’s so many 3rd party stuff trying to help with the situation

Wondering if anyone found a way to make WhatsApp work for quick entry to Obsidian, especially on iOS?