Share Obsidian Notes with Github Gist

Obsidian helps us manage our notes and other kinds of writings. With everything stored in a local directory, we can easily backup our knowledge base with tools like Dropbox. But still we need a way to share our writings, this tutorial shows a simple way to share notes with Github gist that only requires two steps to set up.

Set up

  1. Make sure you have a Github account.
  2. Install a command line tool for gist: gist. On macOS you can use brew install gist if you have brew installed.
  3. Login with gist --login. It would ask you for your Github username and password to obtain OAuth2 access token, but it won’t save your password as you can see in the source code.



A gist created for this article on Github looks like this:

Enjoy sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info! Is there a way to share notes with images?

I think it’s feasible with Medium, because the Medium API allows you to upload images and create posts. I will share my solution if I work it out.

Apparently no need to use the gist tool as the official gh CLI supports gists:

% gh gist --help
Work with GitHub gists.

  gh gist <command> [flags]

  create:     Create a new gist
  delete:     Delete a gist
  edit:       Edit one of your gists
  list:       List your gists
  view:       View a gist

  --help   Show help for command

  A gist can be supplied as argument in either of the following formats:
  - by ID, e.g. 5b0e0062eb8e9654adad7bb1d81cc75f
  - by URL, e.g. ""