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Use case or problem

I love Obsidian and I use it a lot. I take my university notes with Obsidian and I want to share a link in my friend who want to study the notes of the class and I can’t. But in any other app you can for example notion, Google docs etc.

Also I don’t want to publish all my vault, I want to send just a note. To export with pdf isn’t a good way because I can’t do it from mobile and isn’t updated.

Proposed solution

For premium user, you could create a feature where you can share with link your note and manage the access. For example I have the note math 1 and I want to share it in my friend.

I press the share button, link goes to my clipboard, I go to the messaging app I want and I share it to my friend. The URL have the format for example

My friend open the link and Obsidian in reader mode opens. We can only read the doc and do nothing.

I have a plugin which does exactly this, and supports your full note theme and styles, as well as rendered Dataview queries and almost anything else in a note.

The notes are encrypted on your device before being shared, so the contents are completely safe from prying eyes.

The plugin is awaiting review for the Community store but you can install it now using BRAT, see the Installation Instructions here.

You can see a demo of what a shared note looks like here: Example shared note

Full details in this forum thread:

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It’s seem nice and cool plugin! I understand must hosted in my server to works.

I think is awesome work, but the obsidian team must do something core, because we pay $8 just for sync, it’s expensive and i want to see more features for premium users.

No need to host any server, there’s already a server set up - free to use.

And how you will pay the server bills? You will have small donation or small annual subscription like $0.5 for one year?

I already own the server for other projects. The cost to me is $0 for this project. I’ve been running the service for over a year now.

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Thanks a lot, Alan! Your plugin is amazing and super simple to use. I love it! Can’t wait to see it in a community plugins section!

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