Share files or folders with other Obsidian users for collaboration

Use case or problem

Share and collaborate on notes with other Obsidian users. For example, I’d like to be able to select individual notes or entire folders to share with my wife that we would both have access to from our individual vaults. Long-term I’d like to be able to select whether the receiver of the shared content has view or edit access.

Proposed solution

One option would be to follow the Google Drive approach. All shared files and folders would show in a sharing tab/menu and the user could add a shortcut to their main vault so they can organize the files or folders however they want to (just like the “add shortcut to drive” feature from Google).

This would allow users to easily share notes with each other without having to share entire vaults which is often unnecessary.

This could be an included feature for sync plans since our files are already being shared with Obsidian’s cloud.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

Obsidian sync supports vault sharing.

Yes but the entire vault has to be shared which I do not want to do and I explained that in my original post.

You can set exclusions.

As I explained, this is not the solution I am looking for. I would like to be able to share notes with other Obsidian users where we each have our own vault but have some content shared between them that we both have access to.

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I am in the same boat. I’d prefer a deny all by default and specifically allowing folders and sub folders to share.

Why not synchronize your notes on Google Drive instead of Obsidian Sync ?

Obsidian is agnostic of the storage. You can edit your notes in Obsidian, have them synchronized on mobile/desktop with Google Drive, and share folders to other Google Drive users.