Share Extension macOS

I searched and found nothing like this suggestion. If I missed something, apologies.

Use case or problem

The Share Extension for Obsidian on iOS/iPadOS works great. I use it frequently for capture on those mobile platforms. It would very useful to have a share extension for Obsidian on macOS as well

Proposed solution

Implement a share extension on macOS. (Take a look at Agenda’s share extension for a best of breed solution, IMO).

Current workaround (optional)

Use multi-step approaches such as Drafts.


this came up for me today as well. awesome feature.

This way I could move interesting articles from my rss reader in.

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I just realized that I can share notes between vaults with Drafts app using the Share dialog. Then I realized that it’s not available on MacOS. Please update to allow Obsidians browser to include the native share features, they’re incredibly useful.


Is this feature available (or planned) or Not? Input from the Mods would be nice. Thank you.