Share a Daily!

Hey there!

I was reading some topics and discussions on daily notes, how people use them and which templates they apply, and thought it would be really fun (and probably useful) to actually see some.

So, the challenge is this:

Share one of your daily notes. One that is:

  • Recent — if not today’s or yesterday’s.
  • Representative of structure and features found in your dailies.
  • As un-edited and un-redacted as possible. It’s a come as you are kind of thing.


  • If you use a template, share it.
  • If something relies on automation, please describe it.
  • If there are embeds, attach a screenshot.

I’ll start

All my dailies are in portuguese, so this won’t be of much use, but I had to give the example.


# [[{{tp_yesterday}}|←]] {{today}} [[{{tp_tomorrow}}|→]]


## Tarefas
![[Tarefas#Em curso]]


## Pesquisas


Raw text

# [[2020-11-24|←]] Quarta Feira, 25 Novembro 2020 [[2020-11-26|→]]
Porto, Portugal: ⛅️  +11°C


![[Tarefas#Em curso]]


## Pesquisas

- "vemo-nos"
- "algunos fotos"
- i'm as puzzled as the oyster i'm as puzzled as a newborn child
- trata-se ou tratam-se
- fifth pocket
- standard bathtub sizes
- theory of descriptions
- text file jaccard similarity python


## Jardins Digitais
![[Jardins Digitais#Baseados em Obsidian]]


## #diário 11:34
![icon copy.png|200](
Criei uma conta de [[Instagram]] chamada [European Pocket Knives]( Entrei em contacto com alguns dos cuteleiros que já seguia e pedi-lhes autorização para partilhar as fotos deles. Muitos já responderam afirmativamente. Estou entusiasmado.


#captura-rápida #ideia [[Obsidian]] forum - share a note


#tarefa [[Tarefas#^d0aa18|plugin de Obsidian que recomende notas semelhantes]]


Estive a trabalhar em [[Similarity Search]] [[Text Similarity]] e [[Overview of Text Similarity Metrics in Python]]. Fiz [isto]( e parece-me que está a correr bem. Agora vou testar a alternativa, que é usar apenas os wikilinks e as tags presentes em cada nota. #ideia 



  • Templater Plugin
  • My homegrown Alfred workflow for tasks (#tarefa), journal (#diário) and Google searches (## Pesquisas)
  • iOS Shortcut for quick-capture (#captura-rápida).

Now show me yours

I can’t wait to see what so many different people have been up to these last few days.