Shakespeare in Obsidian

This vault was created to help anyone interested in reading or studying the works of Shakespeare. This is the first version so feedback is welcome. The vault includes:

  • The complete plays of William Shakespeare (sourced from, the highest quality open source versions available)
  • All works searchable based on a variety of criteria, including YAML metadata with sources and other data
  • Each play is organized by both individual scene pages and the entire play on a single page
  • Scene pages have simple navigation to jump to previous and next scenes
  • Each play has a Dramatis Personae listing all the characters and links to individual character pages where all the lines for that character are shown
  • If you want to use this to create scripts for educational use or in the theatre, there are included scripts to both duplicate scripts and add/remove line numbers to speeches

Download the Shakespeare Obsidian vault here:

If you find bugs or have feature requests, submit them here on GitHub:

And a thanks to @Joschua for the inspiration from his Bible Study Kit. :slight_smile:

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