Setup Citation plug-in

Things I have tried

I really liked the plug-in to integrate Zotero with Obsidian. I’m trying to use Citation but I still can’t get it to work. In the Zotero window it shows the export I made by choosing Better CSL JSON. The next window shows the path of the exported library. In the next window is the setup in Obsidian according to the instructions. When trying to access and select a quote nothing appears after hitting CTRL-SHIFT-O. Help me solve the problem,

What I’m trying to do

ZOTERO - Exporting

Check out this workflow in the forum , which includes the steps (zotero, better biblatex, zotfile, mdnotes, and then the citation plugin in obsidian). More about the citation plugin you will find here.
As a starting point you can omit the steps with Zotero sync and the later step with dataview, but all others steps are relevant.
Export your citation either as better biblatex or better csl json and define this in the citation plugin setup.


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