Settings sync overwriting current settings

What I’m trying to do

I have just bought a year of Obsidian Sync and am running into problems with settings syncing.

Ex: working vault on my iMac and synced to Obsidian Sync. I have all of the options turned on to basically sync everything including all settings.
Set up new vault via open vault from Obsidian Sync into a new folder on my MacBook Pro.
Vault syncs but all of the non-default options that I turned on in the vault on my iMac aren’t turned on here. Also the appearance is set to dark instead of light (which is what I have set on my iMac). These settings seem to then overwrite what I had on my iMac, including folders for attachments, where to create new notes, etc.

Not sure if I did something wrong here or there is a bug in Sync. Any ideas?


This is correct, you need to manually set the sync option you want in every device. The sync configuration can vary from one device to the another.
You need to configure it the way you want it everywhere.

Let it sync and then restart obsidian.

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