Settings profiles - plugin release

Settings profiles

Recently my plugin Settings profiles was released. It is a plugin with which you can create settings profiles. These save the settings of Obsidian, plugins and also snippets and themes are supported. This means you can easily switch back and forth between different setting profiles.

I’m currently working on expanding it so that the profiles you created in one vault can also be used in other vaults. This means you no longer have to worry about what settings you need to make when you create a new vault. You can simply download the plugin and your profiles will be recognized automatically.

If you encounter problems or have ideas for expansion or improvement, I would be happy if you share them on GitHub.


It would be awesome if you’d create an option to automatically enable/disable settings profiles based on the device being used (auto-switch profile on Desktop, auto-switch to another profile on Android, etc.)


Have you used it on mobile? I like your idea but I think at the moment it is not mobile capable. I will put mobile support and device-dependent profiles on the to-do list.

Appreciating the effort and innovation behind the settings profiles plugin release.

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