Settings not syncing using sync service?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to migrate from iCloud to sync because I have noticed inconsistent syncing on iCloud (missing updates on canvases and files not being moved to subfolders), but I can’t seem to get the vault settings to sync across devices.

Things I have tried

I tried to follow the instructions here to migrate my vault, but settings don’t automatically sync with the sync service.

I duplicated my iCloud vault to a new location, opened the folder as a vault, and enabled sync. From there I found I have to enable syncing settings and file types so I enabled every file and setting sync.

On my ipad, I created a new vault connected to sync and enabled all the settings sync settings, but the ipad doesn’t seem to be pulling the settings from my desktop.

I tried copying the .obsidian folder through iCloud and the files app, but apple won’t show any dotfiles and will not let you rename a folder to make it a dotfile.

How should I go about getting my settings synced to my iPad and other devices so they are all identical on my synced vault?

Ok, it seems the settings take a while to sync.

I would just like to make sure that I have the workflow correct:

  1. Open Vault switcher
  2. Connect to vault
  3. Create new vault? (this dialog shows up, but clicking cancel sets up the sync fine :man_shrugging:)
  4. Go to Settings > Sync and enable all the Selective sync and Vault configuration sync settings are enabled
  5. Wait for everything to sync (it should happen eventually)

Is there anything else I need to do to get all the configurations files to sync across devices, or is that everything and I was just not being patient enough earlier?

Settings aren’t live-reloaded, so you need to restart Obsidian for the to be applied, if you have Obsidian running on multiple devices at once.

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Thanks, I found that out through a little trial and error.

I am primarily concerned with making sure the settings do get synced If you don’t see any issues with the steps I listed to import my sync vault to a new device, I should be able to get everything setup and working correctly.

It’s really nice how much faster sync is compared to iCloud. So far, it seems to be nearly instantaneous compared to my previously having to task manager kill icloud and open it again to force it to sync

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