Settings button disappears

Steps to reproduce

after enabling close to max number of plugins

Expected result

setting button disappear

Actual result


  • Operating system: windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: Notation

Additional information

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Can I ask what’s your screen size? Also curious if you’re using Obsidian full screen or not.

As a workaround, you should be able to open settings with Cmd/Ctrl+Comma, sorry about that.

This is something I’ve been thinking about. These plugin buttons are beginning to get out of hand, and the plugin api isn’t even public yet!

I think some of the plugins don’t need buttons in the UI, while others may be better suited elsewhere. You probably don’t need markdown importer on a daily basis. For now, search could (theoretically) be a searbar component.

Lastly, I think that we can clear up some confusion regarding what actions the buttons on the sides of the window perform. Some open panes or modals, and others open notes. If there will be a plugin API, I think the UI access points should be well organized.

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Maybe a default field in the button setup that tells if the plugin is shown in the leftmost column or not – and let the end users define how busy that column is. Some should be there by default, such as settings.

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Or the opposite, where the plugin settings include the option to show/hide the button.

Perhaps another solution would be to have an overflow menu.


will be fixed in 0.10