Settings and plugins between vaults?

Hi all,

I am a newbie and has tried creating notes, installing some plugins and set some settings of Obsidian (Win10 desktop version).

Then when I create another vault, say “Pali-Sanskrit”, I find that its a brand new Obsidian.

I go into the “.obsidian” folder of “Pali-Sanskrit”, I cannot find the “plugins” directory

so, am I right that I have to install all the plugins again for this new vault? and the Obsidian settings too?

Or there is some ways to sync the plugins and settings between vaults?

Thanks for any kinds of help!

Yes, creating a new vault will start you fresh. Vaults are completely separate by design.

You can copy all of .obsidian (or parts of it) from your original vault to the new vault :+1:t3:

So there are no Automatic ways to sync plugins and settings between vaults, am I right?


I think some people use symlinks or sync software/rsync to keep the settings folders mirrored. If you search the forum a few things will probably show up.

I have two main vaults that I use for two completely different things, so want the theme, workspace, plugins, etc, to be different between the two.

Thanks Ariehen for your comments!

No problem.

I’ll also add that for me anyway, having a different theme, etc., for my two main vaults keeps my brain focused on what I’m doing at the moment. It also makes it easy to avoid typing in the wrong vault! :laughing:

Not that you are asking this, but I see lots of questions here and on Discord about how to deal with vaults. Everyone will have different use cases, of course, but I think most people tend to settle on one or two vaults over time instead of having separate vaults for project1, project2, gardening, etc. Work and not-work seem to be the big ones.

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