Setting up an online course for non-computer geek types. (Artsy folk)

I teach a few people online. I am trying to make a setup that will be effective but somewhat automated. It is a free service and I have no intention to make a business of it. At the moment, I am doing online tutorials. I would like to put these text files of tutorials in an Obsidian vault. My intention is to send each student a very simple vault with minimal instructions for use using the cloud. Beginner students would download Obsidian and access notes through links and MOC in the Obsidian file that I provide. I would add in MOC and a few tags and links to the vault of tutorial notes that student’s receive. Possibly I would make a video tutorial, just so my students could use my simplified vault.

Below I have a number of questions/assumptions. I would appreciate any suggestion, maybe someone else is doing this. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  1. A vault separate from my personal vault would be needed until
  • a. Students feel confident with a simplified vault.
  • b. I can get a vault online. I am a beginner with Obsidian, so an online vault will not happen tomorrow. I am having many problems and I want to avoid complications for students. Some will quickly get smarter than me, but most are less computer competent than I am at 72 years old. I know nothing about code, the Internet etc. An old style liberal arts gal. My students are like me, but less informed and less competent (if that is possible).
  1. I could copy notes from one vault to the others. So, if I develop notes that that will interest the student in my personal vault, duplicating those files and sending them to students who can use the notes in their own vault is simple.

  2. The beginning process of providing files for beginning students is:

  • a. Ask students to download and install the Obsidian program.
  • b. Sent my student vault to students. Ask students to install the files in their Document file for Mac and where for PC?
  • c. Teach students how to add more files that I send them in the future (If I do that, I cannot change the settings or plugins of the vault so this proposal has only short-range value.
  • d. Eventually, set up an online vault where students can automatically access files.
  1. There is great value in teaching Zettlekasten since it fits the knowledge base that I am teach. When I have enough interested students and I understand Obsidian and Zettlekasten well enough, I will start promoting Zettlekasten. But, I assume that very few students will be interested. Nevertheless, at the most basic level, they will benefit from using Obsidian to keep notes.

You could store the vault in a Dropbox folder and share the folder with your students. If your students install Dropbox, they could open your folder as an Obsidian vault. Whenever you make a change, their vaults would be updated as well. You can choose to give them editing permissions in Dropbox or make the folder “read-only.” Let me know if you have any more questions.