Setting up 1Writer to write to Obsidian vault

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What I’m trying to do

I am attempting to set up a folder in 1Writer so that 1Writer can save to my Obsidian vault (preferably Daily Note but anywhere on the vault would be searchable).

Things I have tried

I have experimented with 1Writer which allows me to add a folder in iCloud – but apparently not a file path.

So I can create a folder in 1Writer and iCloud called Obsidian

If I name it Obsidian/My vault it strips the oblique and names it ObsidianMyVault which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t work.

I know others use this excellent iOS Markdown app to write to Obsidian — it gives a very smooth editing experience. So what I am attempting isn’t unreasonable.

Where am I going wrong?

This works for me from 1Writer


Am sure append would work too. Note the filename doesn’t include the extension (.md).

@IWC You said “vaultname” but the problem example has a space inside.

To include a space in the URL scheme, you would use %20. My%20Vault. For the / I don’t know.

@iangreig But I don’t know 1Writer, so I don’t know if the URL scheme is the solution you’re looking for. It sounds more like a folder-naming problem in 1Writer? I couldn’t say. I’m only replying about the URL scheme and spaces.

As I have presented it, it is a folder-naming problem. But I may not be going about this the best way. So the URL scheme (thanks @IWC) might be the answer.

I would appreciate a bit more detail about how I use it with 1Writer – specifically to get a piece of 1Writer content into Obsidian.

None of the 1Writer actions seem to fit with this.

In 1Writer Actions click the “+” and select “Add URL Action”

The URL should be something similar to my generic example, taking care of any spaces. It is an Advanced URI problem rather than a 1Writer problem.

Have a look at Using Obsidian URI - Obsidian Help

Thanks for that @IWC. I have paid attention to the vault name (Ian vault 1) with proper %20 spaces i.e. Ian%20vault%201 and have attempted to replace ‘folder’ with a folder name. Every attempt so far has produced a big black X on the 1Writer screen and nothing written to Obsidian.

I don’t know where Obsidian’s Daily Note fits in terms of its path – that would be an ideal place to prepend to but it’s not working for me.

The URL is in 4 parts

filepath=folder/filename - NB this contains the name of the file to be written to and without the Folder and Filename of your Daily Note the URL doesn’t have a target and so will always fail.
data=[text] - what will be written
mode=prepend - but could be append.

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