Setting a permalink breaks the automatically generated OG preview meta image

Steps to reproduce

Set a permalink for a note.
Publish the note.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y]

Expected result

The automatically generated OG preview image works exactly the same as before.

Actual result

The OG preview image shows “File [permalink].md not found”



Additional information

I am not sure I follow. I am gonna need more detailed steps to reproduce.

Sure! Notes have automatically generated meta images that show up when they are linked on social media, like this:

I didn’t create that image, Obsidian (Publish?) did for me based on the contents of the note.

As soon as I add a permalink to the frontmatter of the note, the permalink correctly updates, however, the meta image no longer generates correctly. Instead, the generated meta image says “[permalink].md not found”—which makes sense, because [permalink].md isn’t a file that exists.

This is a similar issue as Obsidian Publish: use permalinks in sitemap if that helps. Both the meta image generator and the sitemap use [permalink].md to fetch the contents of the file, but [permalink].md doesn’t exist. Instead, they need to look at the note’s actual file which has a different name.

I don’t think it’s the same issue. which permalink did you create exactly?

permalink: devtools

There’s no

That’s correct, I had to remove the permalink again because it broke the meta image.

Ok, I’ll double check. Thanks.