Set up offline maps for Map View plugin

I wanted to be able to do offline work with Obsidian when I’m out and about on my Windows Surface Go tablet, and I recently discovered the Map View plugin which I’ve started incorporating into many of my notes. Since the default map tile server for Map View requires Internet access (CartoDB) I decided to set up an offline option, and here’s what I came up with (requires Java runtime to be installed on your system):

  1. Download mapsforgesrv (mapsforgesrv/mapsforgesrv/bin/jars_ready2use at master · telemaxx/mapsforgesrv · GitHub) into a folder on your system
  2. Download whatever maps (*.map files) you want to have access to from Index of /pub/Mirrors/ into the same folder as mapsforgesrv
  3. Open a Windows command prompt and move to the folder you downloaded everything into
  4. Run mapsforgesrv with the command 'java -jar mapsforgesrv-fatjar.jar -p 8080 -m “,,”, replacing ‘,,’ with a comma-separated list of the maps you downloaded, or just the ones you want to use for now
  5. In Obsidian go the settings for the Map View plugin
  6. Under ‘Map Sources’ click on ‘New map source’, enter whatever name you want (I used MyTileServer’), and for the URL enter ‘http://localhost:8080/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  7. Now when you open any map view in Obsidian, under the ‘View’ option select the pull-down list that currently shows ‘CartoDB’ and select the name you used when entering the map source in Map View settings (MyTileServer for me)

Some notes:

  • You’ll only see maps for the areas you’re serving with .map files in mapsforgesrv - everything else will be blank white squares
  • There’s a very slight but noticeable lag on my system, but it’s still very usable
  • You can easily create a batch file to run this if you want to use it regularly

Hope this is useful for someone.


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