Set universal Markdown shortcodes for links

Markdown provides the great opportunity of creating link shortcodes/placeholder, as represented below.

[example]( 'Hey, I am an example!') is the same as [example]

[example]: 'Hey, I am an even cooler placeholder example!'

How awesome it would be if I could provide to Obsidian a data/markdown file with a list of all the values in between the square brackets, their corresponding URL, and the title, so that I do not have to specify it on every single page, if it is a link I use often inside the vault?

example of what I envision, in /links.csv, where name is [shortcode]:

Hello there,Hello there official website,
Howdy here,Howdy here brand,

Try using Espanso. It is a text expander that does exactly this. It is a stand-alone application, not an Obsidian plugin.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I know Espanso very well, and I take advantage of it daily. Nevertheless, this does not solve the problem on mobile and, above all, I do not need this for speed typing as I need it for elegance and neatness in my notes’ code.