Set hotkeys for creating unordered lists, ordered lists, and task lists

I quite like some of the features of the Bear editor, especially:

  • Command-L starts a list
  • Command-Shift-L changes the current list element into a numbered list element
  • Commant-T changes the list element into a task element

I think there’s a bunch of other good features that are worth carrying over maybe, but this is the main one for me.


Renamed the title for clarity.


Same here. All these are useful because without them I have to enter desired markdown character on each line one by one, which is tiresome. For this reason I also miss shortcut for quotes.


Exactly, I can’t be bothered ever really to type out the markdown for a task list by hand. Bear has really improved this for me.


+1 on this request. Mainly list and todo shortcuts.

Previously I used bear for daily notes and inkdrop for topic notes, now have merged into obsidian. For a hack I am using keyboard maestro to map bears shortcuts to adding characters at start of current line, but it isnt the same. In bear I could select several lines and hit cmd-L to turn them all into an outline.


I think we can all agree on the fact that typing ‘- [ ]’ takes a lot of time and is really tiring.
I journal a lot in Obsidian and I write everything I have to do that day. So every time I have to format a line to the checklist I want to write the whole thing again, I just wanna do something like cmd + t and ‘- [ ]’ gets pasted at my cursor.


Would it be possible to add the functionality shown in the link?

Basically using something like cmd-ctrl-t to toggle the list type.


There should be a shortcut to turn a bunch of consecutive lines into either a bulleted list (shortcut A) OR a numbered list (shortcut B) and toggle this on/off with repeated tapping of the respective keyboard shortcut.


i second this. This would help my workflow a lot.
I enud up scrolling across lines with end/home keys for this nw.

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It would be nice if there was a command to toggle bullets/numbers on and off on the selected lines, rather than needing to add the bullet on each line.


In some other Markdown editors there are keyboard shortcuts (CMD + L in iA Writer for example) to change lines of text to a list and back again.

That would be handy in Obsidian.


Also, toggling between an ordered and bulleted list is something that I’m missing. Basically, this just needs the two shortcuts (CTRL+Shift+7/8 in most editors I use).


Bumping this in August—does anyone have a solution or workaround?

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All your request can be solved by installing Keyboard Meastero! Or Autohotkey. Dont forget to publish your scripts afterwords! :smiling_imp:

I use a program called espanso. It’s basically a text editor. It can also set app-specific keywords. I think you should definitely check it out as it’s free

I’m on a Mac and I use Alfred to expand keyboard shortcuts (or a phrases) too expand anything I type to often, eg todays date, my name, cell number, etc. It’s main purpose is to be a better Spotlight search, but it has so many other features… (540.2 KB)

I have implemented this function with AHK tool, please try it out.

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I have Keyboard Maestro and can make the macro’s easily, but would love for it to be baked into Obsidian as a shortcut. Someone mentioned Command-L for list, which seems simple enough. And the ability to select text and convert it to a list is helpful too.

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Can you post your script, please?

Obsidian Checkbox (1.3 KB)

You’ll need to set your hotkey triggers.

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