Set file title color based on file type

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to color file names in the Navigation Tree. Adding colors will help files stand out

Proposed solution

A community plug-in that allows users to add separate file title property settings in the plug-in options for each file extension type they wish to add color to. Eg pdf, xls, docx etc. . .

Current workaround (optional) this is how I implement it for PDF files via a CSS code snippet

[data-path$=“pdf”] { color: blue; } [data-path$=“pdf”] .nav-file-tag { color: red; }

I have a rough draft framework I was working on. But I need help to complete it that why I submitted the request.

Have you tried this one?

Most folks aren’t going to have that many file types in their vault. I think the CSS route is fine here.

Here’s another good one for that: GitHub - mdelobelle/obsidian_supercharged_links: obsidian plugin to add attributes and context menu options to internal links

To my knowledge the Ecustic plugin was broke with the last Obsidian update. I was also looking for a routine with option settings to assign the colors vs manually assigning the colors.

Thank You For Your Assitance

Not sure the super charged links functionality is what I am looking for at this time. I do like what is does provide though and may use it in the future.

Thanks for your help
-Tim C.