Set Aliases to Link to Specific Headers

When adding content to Obsidian, I have found myself making a page, then having headers be subtopics or key terms important to the page’s main idea. Since each header is a subtopic, I often want the page to be findable and linkable by writing that subtopic, so I end up the subtopic to the page’s aliases field.

This method works fine, until I try to link things based on the subtopic. Then I have to do the double brackets and find the alias, then go back and add the link to the appropriate header. Overall, having to identify the heading second adds some decent friction when I am attempting to add a new page.

If I were to directly search for the header (via ##), I still have to add the text I want displayed by the link separately. Again, adding friction to creating a new page with links.

Additionally, when linking pages via the unlinked mentions, the subtopic would link to the whole page. If I want it to link to a heading, I have to jump over to that page, fix the back link, then return to the page I was on.

So, with this in mind, a plug-in that allows one to link headers and aliases would make it possible to initiate a back link and type in the subtopic (alias), then the main page and header fill in automatically. Thus, the back link would show the header that was connected to the alias. Also, it would mean that linking a page via unlinked mentions would create a back link to that specific header instead of the entire page.