Serious issue in Obsidian

The information of my Obsidian are all identical to each(ruin) is their any solution to the problem.
Header files of C programming language…md (37.5 KB)

It would be helpful if anybody would know what the problem is… Your description is not really understandable and your attached file can’t be opened.

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I can only guess, but it looks/sounds like your files became corrupted somehow? Agreed, it would be really nice if you would provide more information. A lot more information. Otherwise no one can help you.

Please try to explain what happened. Did Obsidian crash? Did your computer crash or have a power failure?

You can try the “File Recovery” plugin to see if there are snapshots of your files. Go to the File Recovery plugin. Click “View” snapshots. And you can search your files there to see versions.

Otherwise, I highly recommend keeping backups, if you don’t already.

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