Sequential Notes

This is to suggest the possibility of sequential notes and a shortcut for a new note to follow in sequence.

The use is for writing a longer piece in a number of sections. For instance, sections of a chapter or even chapters themselves. Or separate sections or subsections in an essay, report or thesis.

The new note would be auto-named with the original title plus a number.
The display of the sequence to be optionally toggled between viewing sections separately or run together as if theywere a single document.
With an option to change the order of the sections and have the titles automatically updated to reflect the new sequence.

This is a way many writers programs work.

It would facilitate paragraph based links, where the author sees a need for a longer document to be seen as a whole.


Related, I think, is @Luhmann’s…

Though I think both of these are better suited as plugins than core Obsidian features.


If you want a keyboard shortcut to create the next note as part of the sequence, I think that needs to be core surely?

Not exactly. Plug-ins register keyboard shortcuts with Obsidian. See for example the Graph View or the Random Note plug-in. If they are off, there is no hotkey option for them in the Settings.

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