Sequential flow text frames w/ arbitrary placement about X, Y axes

Although the use for this plugin extends beyond my following described use case, I believe this makes the functionality clear. Many times I take notes in the form of little blurbs arranged nonsensically on a large sheet of paper. These blurbs are sequential and connected by arrows and even little sketches. I take a photo of the sheet and like to transcribe the words effectively on top of the little blurbs.

If I could do this while also defining the order of the blurbs so as to be able to copy (or export) the entire text, in order, as an ordered list, with a bullet per blurb, it would save me from doing this in other software. I am not requesting a clone of Indesign’s Autoflow text functionality, but that does draw a close parallel if you are having trouble envisioning my description. In a way, this tool could be more powerful if used as a mind mapping sequential text box visualizer as well as my use case.

I’d be happy to further describe or demonstrate this with images to clarify.


diagram and excalidraw, can do it,

@red_co Wow! I didn’t think it could place text blocks in random locations around canvas on top of an image and maintain a text only version of the text blocks as bullets in correct order based on the string of boxes. I knew about Excalidraw, but not this ability. I am going to recheck for that functionality.

I will return and post if I can get it to do this. Thanks.