Separate folding toggle for footnotes section

Use case or problem

When folding the last heading of a file, the footnote section is currently also folded. The problem is, that those footnotes probably refer to all sections and should mostly remain visible.

Proposed solution

The footnote section could have its own fold toggle. It would stay visible, when folding the last heading, but could be folded if necessary.

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t use this workaround, but one could set a # Footnotes heading at the bottom of the note. Although the separation line does get in the way here. So one would have to remove that by CSS.


I agree. It always made me feel uneasy that the footnotes fold together with the last heading.

Same here, I use the last section as some kind of document history which is mostly hidden. Footnotes should not belong to a particular section of the document, but stand on their own. I’m not sure if this might even qualify as a bug report? (the mods might know better)

I get around this by setting an empty header "# " above the last divider. This means that it doesn’t fold with the last header and when in preview mode the header is not visible, however still possible to toggle individually.

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