Separate folder and file lists

Use case or problem

When moving from note to note in different folders it is time consuming to have to scroll up or down through the whole list of files to find the list of folders. This is especially cumbersome if there are a lot of notes in a folder.

Proposed solution

If there was an option to have separate folder and file lists it would make it much easier to move between files in different folders


Wow, I am VERY surprised that no one commented on this! :wink: Is no one else having an issue with navigating between files in different folders? How are you organizing your files?

I absolutely agree! I came here to write this very request, but I would not have put it as eloquently. I have really struggled to get comfortable with Obsidian, and today I finally realised why. I have a lot of areas of responsibility and projects, and on email I manage to keep it all well organised and it feels controlled. And it is exactly because folders and the emails inside them are two separate things. Navigate the folders on the left, see the the emails on the right.

For whatever reason when folders and files (notes) are mixed I find it that much more difficult to navigate and visualise. And I think part of it is they are not the same thing, at least maybe for people who think a certain way. Mixing them makes it feel all disorganised and obscures the boundaries. I really believe this would provide a huge quality of life improvement if it were an option (for some people at least).

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Agree. The explorer view is useful of course but also there are opportunities to really improve my productivity within Obsidian (I have a shortcut key that launches Finder for the current note, but I’d rather stay within Obsidian). Separating content (files) from structure (folders) would help tremendously.

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Duplicate of Option to separate folders from notes in file explorer.