Sending Obsidian vault by e-mail

Things I have tried

All the help notes I have seen have been about sending e-mails to Onsidian

What I’m trying to do

I want to know if I can someone send a vault to myself by e-mail so that I can have a back up. I am using Obisidian on a iPad and would really like to have another back up. I am a writer not a coder so I would need quite a simple explanation. Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Sending your vault to yourself by email is better than nothing. But that probably isn’t the best way to do backups.

CawlinTeffid posted a good link to this website, which can help teach you the basics, and help you find a good way to backup.

A vault is just a folder full of files on your computer. If you do choose to email it to yourself, that is up to you. You can just add the whole vault folder to a .zip file. And email that .zip file. Be careful if it gets very big with attachments! Different email providers have different file size limits.

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Thanks very much

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