Send and append current note


I’m searching for the possibility to link the current note or block I’m working on to another note, like with the Workbench plugin(“Link the current note in your Workbench”) but for every note. Of course if I link another note in the current note, the current note will appear in the backlinks and, well, the “workaround” would be as easy as opening said note and adding the current note to it but often I write about something and I think “hey, that I should also consider when I work on this and that subject” and it would be great to just be able to fast send my tought to the note as kind of “you have to consider this tought here the next time you are thinking about this topic” and then continue to write without having to open this other note, scroll to the end, add a link and then return to my current note.
Is there already a possibility to do that, that I’m not aware of?

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I’m bumping this as I’m currently looking for the same functionality.

There’s a plugin that does this. I think its note composer or note merger. Its in the plugins community section

EDIT: i think its actually called Add link to current note