Semantic Search Plugin

Hey guys!

I have released an initial version of a plugin (also available on the community plugins list) which supports semantic searching throughout your notes.

It first processes your notes into sections of text delimited via headings. It then uses OpenAI’s embeddings API to generate embeddings for each block and provides a query modal for you to find similar notes based on cosine similarity.

I plan to add support for other ways to delimit sections and improve the overall UI.

It is still highly experimental at the moment and feedback is greatly appreciated!


I assume I am just missing something, but, do you have a write up on how to index your notes and set up your vault for search? It seems like the pieces are explained on the github readme but the dots aren’t connected there and I am personally missing something when I try to connect the dots myself.

I have updated the README with a quick start section, hopefully it helps!

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