Self hosted Docker instance

Would it be possible to deploy Obsidian inside a docker which could then be self-hosted behind a reverse proxy or accessed through a VPN? All files would then also remain self-hosted on an individual’s own infra.


Hope Obsidian will support own server to store files

Files by default are hosted locally. Local could be a PC hard drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a Docker instance in the cloud. Unless there’s some technical reason you can’t get Obsidian to run in Docker.

I’m more than willing to give this a go, but an official docker release along the lines of VScode would streamline the process of multiple interested parties each rolling thier own interpretation of the container.

The publish functionality goes some way to achieving what I am after. That said using the Obsidian model the data no longer resides on my infra, and I’m not sure you can edit in the published webpage.

HAs anyone managed to roll a Containerised version of Obsidian and host it locally?

+1 to this.

I have an unraid server I’m using to backup everything and being able to run an Obsidian docker container would be great.