Selective encryption

Imagine situation. There are in your vault you have file with passwords. Basically this is regular .md file which can be easily accessed by other apps. But you install special plugin, setup special keyword for you file/folder. And

  1. This plugin encrypt your .md file based on your keyword. Your text inside .md became abracadabrabarabaracadarbra (unreadable).

  2. When you try to open this file → plugin show you popup and asks about keyword

  3. You enter keyword

  4. Plugin create copy of your file and paste there encrypted version of your file (encrypted based on keyword you have entered)

  5. After your close file or timeout went out, plugin remove encrypted back copy

It should be able to setup keyword to different files or even folders.

Given Obsidian’s architecture, I don’t see how this would be possible. Vaults can be encrypted now with programs outside Obsidian.

Have you tried Meldencrypt? (I believe that’s the name of the community plugin). There’s also the option of doing such thing with something like Cryptipmator

Thank you, but…
Looks like they are absent in store
(I know that they may be on Github, but I afraid to give my sensitive data to unapproved plugins)


Correct! Sorry for the typo!
@andrii256 Cryptomator is not an Obsidian plugin, but rather an external tool.

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