Selecting multiple notes in Obsidian's File Explorer?

Is is possible to select a bunch on notes/files in Obsidian’s File Explorer — for moving them around, for example. I understand that I can do that outside of Obsidian, but I wonder if that may break some connections (It should not, but I might be missing something).

After posting what is below, I realized I was responding to you , who I have seen on here probably knows all this. Oh well. Maybe it will help someone else.

What breaks links is when you rename the files in your vault while outside Obsidian. When you rename something that is linked to while in Obsidian, you should see a little message flash in the top right area of the interface telling you “X links updated in Y files”.

But this won’t happen if you rename it externally. The files will still be in the vault, but all links to it will tell you that note hasn’t been created yet, if you ctrl hover over it. Of course, if you ever do this, I would imagine that by just renaming the correct file to its original name, the old links should work again, but I am not 100% sure, so don’t quote me on that.

But yea, rearranging notes within new folders within your vault while outside of Obsidian should be just fine. I have never had a problem. The only other problem causing issues I have had were placing two identically named files in my vault and having notes that exceed the max path length allowed by operating system even if you have max path setting disabled in registry in Windows.

Hope this reassures you. I know I had trouble believing that Obsidian would recognize markdown files I didn’t create natively at first, but it does. You just have to avoid those few gotchas I mentioned. Hopefully I didn’t forget anything.

I didn’t think it was possible to select multiple files in Obsidian explorer.

Good luck.

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If you change all occurrences of the file name across files in the folder(s), the links remain intact. That’s changing content as well as file name.
Only worth doing for bulk renaming, else its much faster just to change the file name in Obsidian and let it do the rest of the work.

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Selecting multiple notes in the file explorer is not possible at the moment. Here’s the feature request. Add your support if desired!


Also VERY useful to create a really fast Folder TOC in a separate Index note!

If you are asking for auto-created index files of folder contents, there’s a really good plug-in for that-