Select opend file in File explorer

Something like Intellij Idea done. #File Explorer

The current file will focus on File Explorer, and I use this feature many times a day.


+1 this idea!

I’d also like this - when I open a link to a different file, I generally have no idea where that file is. It would be great if the explorer auto focuses on the active file. I believe this is relatively standard in most file explorers.

Even a right click on the file (like VS Code):

or Command P option:


I have hundreds of files in Obsidian. When I follow a link from a file, or use CMD+O to open a file, the File Explorer currently opens the file, but that file is usually off-screen and I need to manually scroll up/down to find it.

I would like the option to have the File Explorer auto-scroll to the newly opened file and make it visible in the left pane. This is standard functionality in VS Code (but does not seem to be standard in Sublime Text or Atom)

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I agree.
Obsidian is an application that runs locally.
It can attach many file.
However, there is no way to find the location of the file.
For example,
Editor/Preview > Right-click on an attachment (image, PDF, etc.) > Context Menu > Show in folder

Many note apps use this method.

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One nice extra feature associated with the reveal active note in file explorer would be if it could be automatic. I love the reveal active note feature (and everything about this tool so far) but for me it feels like I use it so often that having it turned on to be automatic as I switch notes and link around would be helpful. A code editing tool like Eclipse has this feature that can be turned on and off and I find it helpful there.

Hey all, I really missed this from VS Code, so I wrote a small plugin with the hopes that it eventually gets baked into Obsidian and the plugin is no longer needed.

It’s available in the “Third-party plugins” tab in Obsidian.