Select multiple words with multi cursor at the end of the word

In Sublime Text it is possible to select multiple words (ctrl + double left click on a word), each selected word has a cursor at the end of it so it is possible to replace/delete them at once - hit backspace to delete or start typing to replace them with new text.

In Obsidian alt + left click creates a multicursor but it doesn’t select anything, so deleting words that have different length or replacing them with different text is not possible. Is there any workaround to achieve something like in Sublime Text?


after creating multicursor you can use ctrl+arrows to select whole words

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I’m on windows so after creating multi cursors I have to release alt key and then ctrl + shift + left/right key to select words. I think ST solution is better I can click anywhere in the word to select it and in Obsidian I have to click at the beginning/or end of the word so that ctrl+shift+arrow would work. Thanks for help again.