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I regard the Unique note creator and Dataview plugins as absolutely essential.

Unique note creator only allows the path to a single template file to be set as a preference

I have a directory with a number of different template files that I use with the Unique note creator plugin. Templates differ mostly by their frontmatter, which Dataview then utilises to create dynamic views. However, preferences for the the Unique note creator plugin only allow the path to a single template file. Setting the path to a directory results in the following error message:

“Failed to create unique note. Template file ‘name of the directory’ not found.”

It would be of great help and improve usability no end, if I could select individual templates when invoking the Unique note creator. As things stand, the only way to achieve this would be to modify the preferences with every use of the plugin. This is not feasable.
Instead, I tend to use whatever template is set and make the required metadata changes by hand. This takes time and concentration and, to my mind, somewhat defeats the purpose of using templates. Keeping metadata consistent under these circumstances is more challenging and will, inevitably, introduce errors.

Allow a template directory to be set as a preference and ask me to select which template file to use

On selecting the Unique note creator from the ribbon, the plugin should:

  1. if the directory contains only a single template file - not show any dialog and use the available template

  2. if the directory contains two or more template files - display a dialog box, similar to that of the Quick switcher plugin, and allow me to select which template to use

If you follow the Feature Request template, it asks you about workarounds and related requests. Have you explored any workarounds yet?

I haven’t tried any of these personally, but there are plugins like, “Templater”, “Hotkeys for templates”, “From Template”, “Auto Template Trigger”. And “QuickAdd” documentation says it has templates, macros and multi-choices.

(This is a good Feature Request. But it could be worth exploring plugins/workarounds if it doesn’t get accepted for a long time, or ever.)

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“Instead, I tend to use whatever template is set and make the required metadata changes by hand.”

That is the only workaround that I could come up with.
I could not find any related requests.

I have used Templater in the past, but always hit a brick wall trying to solve this particular problem. Templater is a powerful tool, but only in the hands of those who are truly proficient in the JavaScript language.

Incremental improvements to core plugins would immediately benefit all users of Obsidian.
Given how minor the necessary change appears, it really should be possible to modify the Unique note creator plugin in the short term.


Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. But you’ve made the request, and time will tell. :+1:

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UPDATE: QuickAdd by Christian Bager Bach Houmann does exactly what I would have needed from Unique note creator.

QuickAdd has made an enormous difference to my workflow and I would suggest every Obsidian user try out this plugin to see what it can do.


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