Select entire paragraph, including tabs, -, # at start, on Mac

What I’m trying to do

Select the entire paragraph, including any leading tabs and markdown code (-, # at start on Mac, with a keyboard shortcut. I can almost put something together with Keyboard Maestro, but can’t find keyboard shortcuts to move the cursor to a paragraph’s leading tabs, hyphen, #, etc. Essentially, I want to select all between two Returns.

The Mac’s triple-click does this in Obsidian perfectly. I just want to make a keyboard shortcut.

Things I have tried

All kinds of modifiers with arrows, control shortcuts, etc. Still can’t get cursor to go in front of leading markdown code.

There must be something simple I’m missing. Selecting a paragraph, along with its leading md code, seems like a common need.

Headings (## h2) and whatever is directly below them might be tough, because they are usually on a line/in a block of their own, but Cmd+C with no text selected takes care of most cases.

Have a look at the macOS specific shortcuts. These aren’t listed in Settings > Hotkeys.

See also MacOS’s list of keyboard shortcuts:

The ones that apply to a “line” seem to only affect a visual line (from one side to the other), not a “logical” line (everything between 2 newlines).

Opt-Up will move the cursor to the start of a paragraph, list item, or heading. From there, Shift-Opt-Down will select the paragraph (or whatever) and the newline at the end. If you don’t want the newline, press Shift-Left once to move the cursor back. I don’t know if any of those are Obsidian-specific; I just experimented to find them.

Because of Obsidian’s funky underpinnings (it’s essentially built out of website stuff), you may sometimes need to repeat a shortcut to complete the selection.

I didn’t realize there were special Obsidian editing shortcuts, and the Cmd C with no text selected is exactly what I needed!

I had tried everything in the Mac editing shortcuts list, but in that case Cmd C with no text selected does nothing.

Thank you! You’ve made my weekend. (That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?)


I found nothing that helped from the Mac shortcuts list, but from the Obsidian list, Cmd C with no text selected is exactly what I needed! I didn’t realize Obsidian has shortcuts that MacOS doesn’t have.


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I forgot about that feature!

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