Select code block: can't start from the beginning because of the arrow

it’s such a tiny issue on such an amazing application that I feel ashamed to even bring it up, but anyways…

What I’m trying to do

Selecting part of a code block (triple backtick)


In the animated GIF above (hoping it’s animated) I’m trying to select from panels onward, but when the pointer gets to the starting p char, it acts on the fold/unfold arrow instead. You can copy the text from the second character only.

I believe the arrow activation’s hover area could be shrinked significantly without affecting the usability of the fold/unfold feature. Not the end of the world, though :slight_smile:


I totally see what you mean. This happens on my side too.

The selection caret doesn’t activate until the right side of the first character.

I notice that if I move the caret to the line I want to select from, then the caret can be moved to the left side of the first character. But that is touchy and slow.

Notice in this gif that when you move the caret from line to line, the arrow shifts slightly. I think this would be worthy of a bug report.


Here is a somewhat related Feature Request, about selecting from the left margin/gutter.

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