Sekund picture attachment doesn't work when you configure absolute path

What I’m trying to do

So, basically I want to share some notes that I have, with some attachments on it. I use pandoc for export my files into a different format, but I don’t like to have all the pictures in the principal value folder, I prefer to have a different folder, the thing is that if I use absolute path in Obsidian, pandoc doesn’t recognize the pictures, and if I use absolute path, then Sekund doesn’t show the pictures.

Things I have tried

Well, I tried to manually change the path like when something is shared to me, because the plugin actually imports the files, nevertheless doesn’t get the path because doesn’t exist locally you know, and that works, but is tedious that I need to do it every time I want to see a note.

Another thing I tried is to like, before I send the note I change the paths, but still, every time I send a note now I need to change manually the path so others can see the pictures correctly.

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