Seeking the best way to store short and simple key-value pairs --- as separate files or together in onefile?

What I’m trying to do

I wish to store a few hundred (eventually, over a thousand) snippets of data which are atomic key-value pairs. For example:

Number of attendees for Jun 15 event: 214
Duration of Process C: 18 hours 2 min
Capital of France: Paris
(The last one is just to illustrate how brief the pair could be.)

There’s often no need to expand each key-value pair with a discussion or additional context. Each piece of information is only a few character long.

I’m wondering if it’s still a good idea to store each and every pair as a markdown file, or is it better to store them all as a list or table in a single file.

I realize that storing everything as separate files makes querying so much easier. On the other hand, I’m not used to saving something so small as “Capital of France: Paris” in its own file. Not sure if it’s computationally efficient.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried three approaches in storing key-value pairs.

  1. Creating one file per key-value pair
  2. Writing all key-value pairs into a single file as a list.
  3. I have also tried adding new key value pairs, as they occur, in my daily notes, sometimes as a regular line, and sometimes as a task, just so I can use Dataview.

Would like some insight before I continue encoding the rest of my data.

I’ve searched Google and the forum, but with such generic keywords in my search, the results don’t always match. I’ve even searched with the keyword “glossary,” as a glossary is similar to what I’m trying to do.


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