Seeking Solution for Remote Access to Obsidian Without Local File Storage

What I’m trying to do

I am aiming to use Obsidian on my work PC, but am concerned about the possibility of my employer being able to access my personal files. I am looking for a solution that would allow me to use Obsidian without having to store my Markdown files locally on my work computer. Ideally, I’d like to have some sort of remote access to my files, or a method that ensures the files remain inaccessible to others while I’m using Obsidian. I have Obsidian Sync.

Things I have tried

I have searched through the help docs and the forum for terms such as “remote access”, “cloud storage”, “non-local file access”, and “secure file access”. I have come across a solution named obsidian-remote which involves running Obsidian in a Docker container and accessing it via a browser. However, this solution still entails having the Docker container (and thereby my files) on the local machine, which doesn’t entirely meet my needs.

I also explored various cloud storage solutions but none seem to offer seamless integration with Obsidian without local synchronization.

I am now reaching out to the community for insights or recommendations on how I might achieve my goal. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My idea of remote access to my files may be wrong. I’m open to all alternative solutions.

The solution is to not access your personal notes on your work computer. Obsidian is a local-first app and likely to remain that way. Even if you could access your notes without storing the files locally, your employer could easily log your keystrokes or scrape your screen.

If you’re allowed to use personal devices (most obviously a smartphone) at work, I recommend doing that (and probably not using the company network).

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You’re right, I think I should learn to use Obsidian better on mobile. And maybe use a tool to transfer notes from one device to another when I want to copy and paste a quote (Telegram saved messages, Google Keep, Email…). Thanks

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